Monday, April 18, 2011


Ok I know I'm WAY behind in updating all this fun stuff, so here we go!!!

Dalan is currently attending school to obtain his bachelors degree in environmental engineering, I couldn't be more proud of him, he is really doing a big thing for us. I love him so much.

I'm currently on etsy and trying to start a buisness slowly but surely, I would love to own my own boutique of some sorts one day, my main goal though is to become a mommy :) but that is still a ways out so I'm biding my time.

In the meanwhile in October of 2010 we got a puppy!!!! :) her name is Sophie and she is enough of a handful for us for now we love her to pieces.

SO I have updated pictures of me and dalan now, and of our cute puppy sohpie, I promise I'm going to get better at this blogging thing and try to write more