Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bridesmaid Background

An update on our life & a little background

Dalan is working for a law firm as a credit counsler, and I have recently obtained a job at an Endodontic office and its great!!! But I just work part time and I also work part time at a pediatric office. Were still waiting on the big day to get closer and finishing up on final touches. 78 Days and counting

My Bridesmaids, My MOH (maid of honor) is my little sister Chelsea who has had a VERY hard year and has over come the odds, regardless of how much of a little snot she is, I still love her. Second in command LOL is my Best friend Karina and last the best of all the game is my old childhood friend who was also my best friend Rachel. I met Karina in Junior High and have been good friend since, we have recently become closer since working at the law firm together and the fact that she lives five minutes from my house :)
Rachel used to be my next door neighbor she has a little sister named Ruth so me and my sister were best friends with them for the LOOONGGEESSTT Time then they moved away :( and just this past year I found Rachel on facebook and we have exchanged numbers and updated eachother only a little bit on eachothers lives, she is married and has a cute baby girl. So when I needed another bridesmaid she came to my Aid and I am so excited to get together with her again this wedding is going to be awesome!!!!