Saturday, August 27, 2011


So for our one year anniversary me and dalan got to adventure to beautiful HAWAII!!! Thanks to my sister. My mom and dad had lived on Oahu for a couple of years and all through my childhood I heard stories of how beautiful it was and warm and friendly. Never thinking I would some day go there with my husband. It was really nice to, since we paid for our wedding by ourselves and we were really low on funds for an actual honeymoon when the time came so dalans grandparents let us use there time share to venture down to vegas, I had been there before but dalan hadn't, dont get me wrong it was nice just for the fact that it was our honeymoon, BUT dalan got sick, my flow came to town, so really there was not very much Bow Chika Bow Wow (Which there is supposed to be tons of on your honeymoon) which was pretty lame,

so when the time came for our one year dalan and I decided that we wanted something a little better......ALOT better. SO we flew into Oahu at 11:00 AM there time leaving utah @ four in the morning so we were pretty bushed the whole plane ride but the minute our wheels landed on Hawaii's soil we were wide awake. We experienced the polynesian cultural center, went horseback riding, snorkeled with turtles, saw spinner dophins, parsailed, went to pearl harbor, & experienced a flash flood to name a few things :) IT WAS AMAZING needless to say . So even though we still didn't get much Bow chika bow wow this time either (Thanks flow) It was the best trip I have ever had and it was amazing to experience it with my best friend. So without futher adeiu here are some hawaii pictures :) ENJOY